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TDBY Quality Policy

TDBY's Quality Policy is to fulfill customer requests with expert and experienced personnel by adhering to the test instructions prepared according to the relevant standard, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results by using methods in accordance with national and international standards, to comply with the principle of confidentiality by not sharing the evaluation results and other activities with unrelated people, and to carry out all these activities impartially and independently. With this policy, TDBY declares that it will comply with the privacy policy for the information obtained from sources other than the customer and the provider of this information.

The general goal of TDBY is to obtain highly accurate, reliable and repeatable results in every test and evaluation performed, to meet customer requests professionally as soon as possible, and to be a reliable, distinguished and reputable testing and quality assessment authority in its own field within the country. Studies determined in this direction are evaluated at the annual Management Review meeting.

TDBY staff, including TDBY Management:

Learning, implementing and continuous improvement of TDBY quality policies and objectives,
Sharing all kinds of information and continuously improving them in order to provide the best service to the customer and reach the quality targets,
Taking the actions required by the risk responsibility,
Gaining the necessary competence in evaluation processes,
TDBY Management;

Commitment to increase the quality of testing and evaluation service given to the customer with best practices,
The management system includes objectives related to quality,
The requirement that all personnel involved in testing and evaluation studies learn the quality documentation and apply the policies and procedures during their work,
Performing the test and evaluation services to be provided in accordance with the standards determined within the framework of accreditation,
Obligation to comply with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard and to ensure the continuous development, improvement and effectiveness of the Quality Management System
It is declared that it will do its part individually and that the realization of these will be supervised as BİLGEM management.

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