Security Requirements for Encryption Modules

Security Requirements for Encryption Modules

The TS ISO/IEC 19790 standard specifies the security requirements for encryption modules that protect sensitive information in IT infrastructures. These requirements cover various areas of the design and implementation of a module. These requirements include areas such as encryption module features, interfaces, roles, services and authentication, software / firmware security, operational environment, physical security, non-disruptive security, sensitive security parameter management, self-assurance, lifecycle guarantee and mitigation of other attacks.

This standard specifies four levels of qualitative security to cover a wide range of applications and environments. The overall security rating of a module is determined by the requirements of the application and environment in which it will be used, and the security services provided by the module.

Our laboratory started testing processes by obtaining the license for TS ISO/IEC 19790-24759 standards, which is the test standard and test requirement for Cryptographic Modules, from TSI in 2016. Encryption Module Tests for Türkiye's first TS ISO/IEC 19790-24759 standards are carried out in our laboratory.

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