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OKTEM has been providing the ISO/IEC 15408 Common Criteria (OK) assessment service, which is the international information technology security assessment standard for IT product security, since 2005.

It is the first laboratory licensed by TSE, the Certification Authority in Turkey, according to the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement. OKTEM, being the only licensed laboratory to evaluate at EAL5+ level, has the ability to evaluate at all levels.

2000 – A contract was signed with the Ministry of National Defense for the establishment of OKTEM.

2001 – OKTEM was established under TÜBİTAK UEKAE with the support of the Turkish Armed Forces.

2003 – With Turkey becoming a Common Criteria customer country, studies have been started to become one of the countries that issue certificates.

2005 – OKTEM has been accredited by TÜRKAK for the EAL4+ level from the ISO 17025 standard.

2008 – OKTEM received a permanent license from TSE.

2009 – The first official Common Criteria Assessment was completed by OKTEM. TÜRKAK accreditation for the ISO 17025 standard has been increased to EAL5+ level.

2010 – Two important institutes within TUBITAK; UEKAE and BTE, which previously operated under MAM, were merged under TÜBİTAK BİLGEM. OKTEM started to operate under BİLGEM.

2010 – Turkey was officially awarded the title of “Certificate Producer” country in the field of Common Criteria (ISO 15408) on 17 November 2010.

2012 – BİLGEM organizational structure was renewed and OKTEM continued its activities under the BİLGEM Test and Evaluation Vice Presidency.

2016 – OKTEM is licensed by TSE for ISO 19790, ISO 24759 and TSE K 505 evaluations.

2019 – OKTEM has been licensed by TSE for the evaluations of Secure Card Access Devices (TS 13582, TS 13583, TS 13584, TS 13585) and Electronic Authentication System (TS 13678, TS 13679, TS 13680, TS 13681) for Electronic Identity Cards.

2022 – OKTEM is accredited by TÜRKAK according to TS EN ISO/IEC 19790 – TS ISO/IEC 24759 and TSE K 505 standards.

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