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Evaluation processes start with the application for product evaluation to TSE Cyber ​​Security Certification Directorate and OKTEM Laboratory. The following process is followed for applications to OKTEM Laboratory:

The product developer fills out the Test and Evaluation Application Form (TDBY-TSG-FORM-01) completely and this form is forwarded to the BİLGEM Business Development Unit.

The form is examined and the offer is prepared and the offer is sent to the product developer.

When the offer is accepted, the process is continued under the management of TSE and OKTEM. The Evaluation Statement and Business Plan requested by TSE during the application process will be obtained from OKTEM Laboratory.

AKiS v2.5.2N version, the national smart card operating system developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM, was evaluated in OKTEM Laboratory and was awarded the Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ (AVA_VAN.5, ALC_DVS.2) Security Certificate. AKİS, which was subjected to source code review and vulnerability analysis tests, successfully passed all the tests.

AKiS v2.5.2N for Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ Security Certificate click.

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