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Evaluation Process

The following process is followed for applications and evaluations to OKTEM Laboratory:

The product developer fills the Test and Evaluation Application Form and sends it to the BİLGEM Business Development Unit.

A proposal is prepared by examining the scope of the product and delivered to the product developer by the Business Development Unit.

At the same time, the developer should apply to TSE. The Evaluation Statement and Business Plan requested by TSE during the application process will be obtained from OKTEM Laboratory.

TSE will organize the Kick-Off meeting after accepting the application. Until this meeting, Security Target document for Common Criteria Evaluations and Security Policy document for Cryptographic Modules Tests should be prepared.

For the New Generation Payment Recorder Device Tests, it is necessary to apply to the Revenue Administration first.

To request Test and Evaluation Application Form, to apply for test and evaluation or to get detailed information, please contact .

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