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OKTEM Services

At OKTEM Laboratory, these services are available;

  1. Common Criteria Evaluation (EAL1 thru EAL5+)
  2. Common Criteria Consulting
  3. Common Criteria Training
  4. New Generation Electronic Cash Register Technical Guide Compatibility Tests
  5. ISO/IEC 19790 Conformity Tests (Security requirements for cryptographic modules)
  6. TSE K 505 Basic Level Security Evaluation

Common Criteria Evaluation
OKTEM Laboratory, based on International Information Technologies Evaluation Standards (ISO/IEC 15408) tests and evaluates IT products according to Common Criteria. This standard shows necessary security features and guides IT product manufacturers as a fundamental resource.

IT product manufacturers prefer to work with an independent laboratory where their products are evaluated form on Common Criteria. So these producers are able to show their customers about how secure and reliable these outcomes are.

Since 2005, OKTEM Laboratory is accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) within the scope of the ISO 17025. Evaluated Protection profiles and products are listed below;

Protection Profile Evaluation

Product Groups

Hospital Information Management System

Smart Card IC

New Generation Cash Register Application

HSM (Hardware Security Module)

Smart Meter Application Software

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

Turkish eID Verifier (Smart Card Access Device Application)

New Generation Cash Register Application

Electronic Record Management System


Water Tracking System

Digital Tachograph


Common Criteria Consulting

Common Criteria Evaluation Process is a process which contains tests and open analysis along documentation. In this process, some documents are needed to be prepared based on a format that is designated by the Common Criteria. This format can be found in Common Criteria standard books. However, it is described by its own terminology. The terminology isn’t always easy to be understood. With its qualified and experienced staff, OKTEM laboratory can help as a consultant to manufacturers to understand Common Criteria standards better and advise and guide them to make necessary documents ready as well.

Common Criteria Training

OKTEM Laboratory is always ready to share its experience and information with related institutions, agencies and companies. In these trainings, OKTEM Laboratory focuses general principles of product security evaluation and hardware penetration analysis. Our training subjects are;

  1. Common Criteria Training
  2. Training for Writing Protection Profile
  3. EAL4+ Training
  4. Side Channel Analysis Training for Hardware
    • DPA (Differantial Power Analysis) Training
    • SPA (Simple Power Analysis) Training
    • Fault Analysis Training

New Generation Cash Register Technical Guide Compatibility Test
Since 2015, Cash Registers have been updated so they can connect and send information to Revenue Administration over the internet instantly. Those registers need to be designed to work properly and connect to Revenue Administration safely. For this purpose, they also need to pass security tests. OKTEM Laboratory does these security and functional tests based on “the Technical Guide and Revenue Administration Protocols for Messaging” published by Revenue Administration to communicate cash registers and Revenue Administration in a better and more secure way.

ISO/IEC 19790 Conformity Test
In the scope of ISO/IEC 19790 tests, hardware and / or software crypto modules' requirements meeting the conditions stated in the ISO/IEC 19790 document is checked.

TSE K 505 Bacis Level Security Evaluation
TSE K 505 Basic Level Security Evaluation covers necessary regulations of an IT product or 3rd party evaluation which is guaranteeing the security requirements listed in the system's security target are met.